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Susan D. Kalior

Susan writes in various genres: psychology, philosophy, fantasy (urban and epic with a romantic twist). Wisdom, insight and hope are infused even in the darkest plots. All books are written to uplift and enlighten by addressing the worst with a path to the best.

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In a glacier. . . in outer space . . . in Jenséa's future world. That is my path to resurrection. Best laid plans . . . yeah those.


As Johnny merges with the Fiend who tried to end the universe, Jenséa and the gang breathe a sigh of relief, hoping their woes will soon be over. But trouble brews. The universe is out of peril, or is it? Jenséa has become a full blown goddess, or has she? While all seems well, this is only the beginning of a deep unraveling.

Shens, Tazmarks, and humans alike are tasked to undergo their own harrowing metamorphosis in the transformation of a lifetime. True origins are revealed, and final mysteries of the universe solved. Maybe. A lot must coalesce for all to land in a cosmic balance that favors the universe. That or tomorrow never comes.

New Releases

Being a goddess is harder than it seems.

Jenséa, now a full blown goddess, struggles to control her power in the face of the Fiend’s new machinations to destroy the universe. Mixed into this recipe, Johnny and Tupuro discover their shared Dragon past from millenniums ago, as a menacing terror from that time rises to tear them apart. Tupuro struggles with his blossoming love for Jenséa, while Panacéo is still set on claiming his. Yes, everything is normal for this supernatural gang—but soon, nothing anywhere will be the same.


With these simple techniques, we have the building blocks to solve our troubles and thrive.

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What happens when good and evil are stalemated, and saving the world depends on a warrior who cannot love, and a priestess who cannot fight?


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