"Heart beyond fear.
     Mind beyo
 Body beyond vanity.
  Spirituality beyond    






Blue Wing Workshops
                      psychology, sociology, metaphysics

Self-Discovery Workshops

These workshops are designed to spotlight the you that
hides behind the face, the you buried under piles of
personal criteria and social expectation, the you that
perhaps longs for more in life or feels that  something is
missing. Who are you? Who are you really? How has
the outside world influenced you? Is there more to you
than what 'they' see, and what 'they' say?

Gain deeper insight into your true self and the path you
tread. Dissolve self-made prisons and expand your
perceptual boundaries to enrich your life experience.
These exercises facilitate personal growth,
self-improvement, and a deeper understanding of
subconscious and psycho-spiritual worlds. Activities
include self-discovery exercises, discussion, creative
visualization, and meditation.

                        Below are various topics that can be
                       integrated into a customized workshop.

      Meditation is a gateway to find  
      centeredness, purge toxic
      thoughts and feelings, find  
      clarity, and experience metaphysical
      realities. This workshops teach the
      fundamentals in building your own
      meditative style compatible with who
      you are as an individual.
  Improving Relationships

 All relationships have their dynamic,    
 parent/child, brother/ sister, couples,
 even friends. These dynamics are
 often complicated by lack of
 understanding the deeper needs
 and motivations of self and the other
 person involved. Conflict is
 exacerbated by low self-esteem
 problems communicating, and an
 inability to sift the roles we play,
 from the people we are. To journey
 into a relationship, is to journey into
 self. These workshops are a means to
 take that journey. Workshop includes
 written exercises, role playing,
 visualization, and meditation. Workshops
 are available for both parties in a
 relationship; or for individuals.
Stress Management

   It's not what happens to you. It's what you do with what  
   happens to you. These workshops teach an array of tools
   on how to change stressful experiences into meaningful  
   ones; and how to experience events with a positive twist,
   decreasing the sense of trauma. Activities include
   relaxation technique, meditation, visualization, perception       
   shifts, communication skill building, assertiveness
   training, and emmanating from one's own individuality.
    Communication Skills

   Designed to help improve
   communications in all relationships.
   Listening well catalyzes others to
   share their thoughts and feelings.
   Constructively sharing your thoughts
   and feelings elicits compassion and
   understanding from others; hence
   problem solving and the deepening
   of relationships. The way speak we to
   ourselves is equally important. This
   affects mood and thus the way we
   experience life.
Learn to
   constructively communicate
   on all levels through
   instruction, role playing, and
   lots of practice!
 Creative Parenting

 All to often we raise our children the way
 we were raised, or decidedly the opposite.
 Or perhaps instead we use parenting
 techniques from all the latest books
 precisely as instructed. Creative Parenting
 is the fine art of tuning into your child and
 relating human being to human being, first;
 and gifting the best of our childhood while
 utilizing constructive parenting tools,
 second. Successful parenting techniques
 will be taught and practiced through role
 playing with a humanistic approach. The
 goal is to maximize the greatness of the
 parent/child experience.
 Surviving Relationship Break-ups

 Need to learn a few techniques to
 get you through a rough break  up
 with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or
 spouse? Dealing with divorce?
 Knowing a little can help alot!
 Workshop includes knowledge
 about the law of attraction, and
 the unconscious games we play;
 with lessons in how to consciously
 change destructive patterns, make
 new life choices, and keep yourself
 healthy in the presence of
 unhealthy individuals. The
 workshop includes cathartic and
 esteem building exercises using
 visualization and meditation.
"The only person you can change
             --is yourself"
Self-Exploration and Transformation

Are you tired of searching for a belief
system compatible with you? These
workshops are designed to help you
develop your own psycho-spiritual
foundation spirituality; boundless,
healthy, and perfect for the individual
you are.  Methods include exercises to  
help  you understand yourself and your  
needs, and then tapping into universal
wisdom,  through meditation,
visualization, and affirmation.
Workshops are customized for the needs of the group,
and brought to your home, office, conference, or
seminar. Workshops are currently given by request
              Susan D. Kalior, M.A.
             Education / Counseling
       Human Relations and Behavior
                    B.S. Sociology
                 author, facilitator,
                    public speaker
How often do we think "I wish I could get some  
 control over my life," or "I wish I could learn how to
 love myself." The workshops in this workbook are
 the result of Susan D. Kalior's ten years experience as
 a psychotherapist and many more years facilitating self-
 discovery workshops. If attending a workshop in person is out
 of your reach, the workshops (designed for the individual)   
 in this workbook are highly recommended.
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