Mixing Metaphysics with Classical Psychology
psychological, sociological, philosophical, metaphysical,
beyond bounds
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Psycho-spiritual Lectures
    brought to your home, office, event, organization,
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Blue Wing Services are designed
  to bring out the unique beauty in each human,
   promote inner peace, and to facilitate the
becoming of authentic individuals
to nourish humanity and
help heal the earth.

    The premise is not
based on a set idealogy.
   The goal is to help you discover your own
    vastness and forge your own unique path,
   to lead the most fulfilling life possible.






expanding awareness
       exploring inner worlds
           self discovery
         self understanding,
        stress management
         self improvement
          raising self esteem
          self empowerment
         creative parenting
         communication skills
        improving relationships
           divorce recovery
        psychological wounds
      perceptions of reality
         coping with change
        developing intuition
           tapping wisdom
             altered states
        personal transformation
     understanding mysticism
      time and timelesssness
  Blue Wing Publications
Workshops and Lectures
                  Adventures in Self Discovery        
Susan D. Kalior, M.A.
              Education in Counseling
          Human Relations and Behavior
                        B.S. Sociology
                       author, facilitator,
               public speaker, consultant
 "There is nothing more beautiful
   than the
masterpiece of
   seemingly innocuous events"
 "The quality of life you
  lead is
up to you. You
  create your own reality
  by the way you percieve
  the world. If you change
  your perception, you will
  change your reality and,
  thus the quality of your
"Self Worth is Intrinsic.  No matter what  you
   say or do,
or what any other has said or done;
   worth is separate from all  of that. We are all
   the same, yet  magnificently  individual;
   snowflakes unique, each one, yet together we  
   create snow.  Roses on a rose bush, separate,
   yes unique, but  together we create the bush.
   We are pieces of a puzzle that  together
   create the big picture of dark and light, yin
   and yang, tragedy and  fortune. No one's
   perception, not even  your own, can alter
   your worth or anyone else's."
    "The surest way to be
     is to apprec
iate yourself.
     The surest way to be
     heard is to listen to
     yourself. The surest way
     to grow is to nurture
     yourself. Behold your
  "The actualizing
   of a thousand
   dreams rests on one  
   thing-- Sinking into
   your true and
   natural self.
   The rest will come. "